We’re all tired of in-ear headphones that sound bad, look worse, and fall out all the time. But just what makes the perfect pair of in-ear headphones? Is it style? Sound? Fit? The Plugged team wanted to know exactly what it takes to make the perfect pair of in-ear headphones, so we asked leading headphone and tech reviewers what they thought. We spoke to 12 of the industry's top tech reviewers and polled them on a series of questions that helped reveal the “perfect pair of in-ear headphones.” Keeping the notion in mind that these influencers try out more headphones than anyone, it’s fair to say that they have a good idea about what works and what doesn’t. They also have the unique vantage point of hearing continuous feedback from their thousands of readers and viewers on their experiences with the same products. After hearing their answers and what they had to say, we were pretty surprised. Check out the results below. Feel free to share our Perfect Pair of In-Ear Headphones Infographic on your site via the share code below.

Infographic: What Makes The Perfect Pair of In-Ear Headphones?

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